New Year – New Everything!

Okay now… say it with me – “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!”

Right? Okay, probably a little too cheesy… but in all seriousness, the dawn of a new year is a fabulous milestone.

Let me break it down for you:

Painful bone chilling cold air + post-new-years-party hangover remorse + little dash of wallowing in the failure of the previous year = what do you get from it? ALL of this INSPIRES US! Or at least it inspires ME!

I’ve actually never been one to make new years resolutions and a part of me believes that it’s because I am already 100% aware of my ability to not complete things. I spend a lot of time not completing my laundry. Or not completing that really awesome backyard project I wanted to have done 6 months ago. I could list a lot of other things that I spend a lot of time NOT COMPLETING but does anyone else have this problem?

But I have GREAT news, fabulous news, wonderful and brilliant news that you will all love! This year I am making some resolutions! In layman’s terms… I am setting a few goals for myself and my life and my sanity! This blog is one of them! I desperately needed some writing practice and what better way than blubbering to a bunch of strangers about books and tv shows… and other things that I haven’t come up with yet but I will!

So, one more time! NEW YEAR, NEW ME!

Welcome to the mind of NickNick and if you have read this far I applaud you and sincerely hope that you find your way back to my AWESOME blog!

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