NickNick’s First Book Pick!

Let me just tell you that I DEVOURED this book in all of its mystical and ethereal glory!

Le Cirque des Rêves, which translates to The Circus of Dreams, is EXACTLY that.. A circus of your dreams! And while there are cute little animals in the book, this is in no way about tigers that jump through hoops or someone who can juggle while standing on top of a ladder on top of a ball… or however that goes.

The Night Circus by Erin Moregenstern is absolutely fabulous IF you enjoy fantasy. Which I do. A Lot.

Essentially the novel follows the different stories of two young people who find that they have the ability to do magic. Both begin training at a young age as they are told that they have to compete against someone in the future but they are never given any other information on how or when this will happen. But soon they discover that the arena for their duel will be the circus.

The circus in itself is beautifully described in great detail (but not too much detail.) The circus only opens at night and closes before dawn and it doesn’t have a set travel schedule, coming and going as it pleases. Each tent within holds its own mystery and magic and I hope you fall in as much love with this book as I have!

Click on the book below and it’ll send you over to Amazon so you can purchase or add to your TBR list!

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