NickNick’s NEW RELEASE Book Pick!

AHHHHHH… Amazon. Is there anything in the year of 2018 that is better than AMAZON! Instant gratification and shopping sprees contained to your desk. And Amazon First (previously known as Kindle First). What is that, you ask? Amazon First is a perk you automatically get if you are enrolled in a Prime account. EVERY month, you get to choose a Kindle book (there are usually 6 choices) to read for FREE! And they are always books that haven’t been released yet which makes it even more awesome!

But to be honest, I always have trouble picking from the choices given. It’s the same effect as trying to ask me what I want for dinner… Really, I am not good with options.

But for January I chose to read Tips for Living because several other people had already given it good ratings!

Here’s a short, spoiler free synopsis of Tips for Living by Renee Shafransky:

Essentially this novel follows the story of Nora, a woman who has recently separated from her cheating husband.  She moves to a small vacation town in New York but then the awful ex-husband and his new wife and their new BABY end up following her to this town and setting up shop. As anyone would be, she is upset about the whole situation but she contains her emotions well and for the most part has healed from her past experiences. Until her ex and his bride are found murdered in their bed. The rest of the book follows Nora as she tries to ensure that she doesn’t go to jail for a double murder that she can’t quite remember if she did or did not commit.

The novel is actually relatively short. A little over 300 pages, but it did a very good job of keeping my attention and while I would not describe this a suspenseful, I also didn’t want to put the novel down. I would definitely describe this as a “beach read” or a “cozy mystery” which is also a term that is used in a significant amount of Goodreads reviews and describes the story perfectly!

I’m actually pretty excited to see if Renee Shafransky writes any more novels! If you are interested in checking this one out, click on the book below!

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