Big Little Lies

I know I am jumping on this train a little late… but with all the hype around Reese Witherspoon’s “book club” and all of the publicity lately surrounding Big Little Lies, I just couldn’t help myself! I went in completely unaware of the plot on this novel because I was avoiding false expectations and I haven’t even seen the HBO show yet (although that’s mostly because I refuse to pay for cable.)

But let me start out by letting you know Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty is NOT a disappointment. It is a fabulous novel. One that I even recommended to my mom!

Essentially, the book follows 3 main characters, all mothers who meet as they are taking their kids to pre-school. And while the women have several things in common, they also are nothing alike. You have Jane who is very young and a single mother of a son named Ziggy. Madeline who is a middle-class mother, and Celeste, a mother of twin boys with a very rich husband. Moriarty does a wonderful job letting you see these characters in their own light and ensuring that you understand each character is going through their own struggle. As they all evolve through the novel, so does their relationship with each other and you then see how their secrets come to light in a way that you completely don’t expect.

Big Little Lies will hook you with its drama and continues to reel you in with the likability of the characters but as soon as you get comfortable, you get thrown for a ride you weren’t expecting.

If someone had told me that Big Little Lies was a book about a bunch of moms with secrets and drama, I honestly would have thrown this to the DO NOT READ list… but I am so glad that I did read it! The characters are portrayed so realistically and there are so many important undertones to the story I truly understand why everyone loves it so much!

I really think you will to! Check it out it you want! Just click the book below!



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