New Release!

Great news! I have been reading. A LOT. Which is great. Because it is for YOU and YOUR benefit. Just kidding, I really just love reading. This week I have a NEW RELEASE to tell you all about!

But this time when I say new release, it’s so new that you can purchase it tomorrow, March 20th! Which makes me feel a little special… because I read a book that isn’t available to the general public yet… even though the only special thing I did to get the book early was sign up for the Book of the Month club. Which is awesome btw.

So let’s talk about Broken Girls by Simone St. James!

I chose to purchase this from BotM because I had already seen several people posting about this novel and how great it was. I read the short synopsis and decided that it definitely seemed to be right up my alley and I didn’t realize that it hadn’t even been published yet. . . until someone told me last Friday. Oops.

But nevertheless, I delved into this book and I did have a few expectations due to the description but I was also excited about the story. And again, there was no disappointment here!

Broken Girls follows two separate timelines. The first follows Fiona, a journalist in Vermont that has a heartbreaking past. Her 20-year old sister was murdered when Fiona was 17 and while the murderer has been caught, Fiona has always had questions about the case that have never been answered. But when she finds out that there are plans to renovate the all-girls school, which is where her sister’s body was found, Fiona decides that a story on the renovations would be a perfect cover for her to dig deeper into the mystery she has been obsessed with.

The other timeline that Broken Girls follows, is that of four girls in the 1950’s who attend an all-girls school that everyone hates. They are considered troubled kids along with the other girls in attendance and they are not given much thought. But the longer they stay at the school, the more they realize that there is something for them to be afraid of. When one of the girls is found dead, they take matters into their own hands to get to the bottom the case.

Eventually, both stories collide in a way you will never guess as you read through this dark and haunting novel. I love the complexity of the story, the historical tones, and the mystery will keep you guessing!

Simone St. James did an amazing job and now I am going to have to add her other novels to my TBR list! My list is going to start over flowing soon!

But if you want to grab this book just click on the picture below!

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