Review- Little Fires Everywhere

Another book I can check off my never ending list of books to read! Little Fires Everywhere seems to have struck a very important chord throughout the literary loving world and all the talk revolving around it definitely caught my attention. From Reese Witherspoon’s future adaptation of the novel to every major literary review publication raving about Celeste Ng, if you haven’t heard of Little Fires Everywhere by now… you have probably been living in a cave.

I, however, have been wading waist deep in a pile of books I can’t wait to read… but every time I finish one I feel like 10 more are added to the pile. Which actually speaks wonders for the literary world! All of these amazing books just keep coming!

But let’s go ahead and talk about Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng!

Honestly, before I grabbed this off the shelf, I had no idea what it was about! I just knew that everyone loved it and after delving into the story, I completely see why!

Little Fires Everywhere follows two families living in the impeccably planned and incredibly proper community of Shaker Heights. The Richardsons’ are a wealthy family, living a very average and normal life that is sharply contrasted by the Warrens’, a family consisting of a mother and daughter who have never called any town HOME for very long. Pearl Warren quickly becomes friends with the Richardson children, intertwining the lives of these two very different families. As you read, you learn that each character has a past and no matter how hard they may try to keep secrets, the past will effect their futures.

There is a very strong and compelling theme of motherhood and the difficult family dynamics throughout the story that will fascinate the reader. Personally, I have always tried my best to see things through the eyes of everyone involved and Celeste Ng has done a wonderful job allowing you to understand the actions and motivations from the eyes of each character. Each character has their own faults and imperfections, yet each one is so real and vivid. And while the town is given a definitive tone of perfection, you realize that Shaker Heights is hiding both racial and political unrest deep in its underbelly.

Trying to appreciate the reasoning behind someone’s actions that you may not agree with is one of the most difficult acts of empathy for humans. But I hope that is something readers take with them from Little Fires Everywhere. 

Just click the book below if you want to give it a read!

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