Review: The Woman in the Window

I love mysteries, I love suspense, I love Forensic Files (even though it completely creeps out my boyfriend that I watch it all the time). I don’t actually know why I am so enthralled with murder mysteries but they are so intriguing and leave me terrified enough to ensure all my doors are locked.

So when The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn came out, I definitely had to get my hands on it! Although, I have to admit, I was a little nervous because of all the mixed reviews! While many people seemed to love the book, others have proclaimed their extreme hatred for the story!

The Woman in the Window follows Anna Fox, a woman you immediately find to have some serious issues. Anna has agoraphobia but she is also a former psychiatrist. Since she can’t leave her house she has very few hobbies which includes people watching from her window, talking to other’s with agoraphobia online, drinking mass amounts of wine, and visiting with her therapist and physical therapist when they make house visits. You quickly learn that she also has a husband and daughter, but you are left wondering why they no longer live with her.

Through Anna’s people watching, she finds that she is getting new neighbors. For the first time in a while, two of her new neighbors (a mother and son) come to visit and she gets a little giddy at the thought of people who may visit her once in a while… until she sees the woman get murdered through the window. But no one believes her because she is an agoraphobic alcoholic!

I have to say, I understand why some people didn’t enjoy this story line, however I did enjoy it! I was interesting throughout the whole novel, the story kept my interest and there were several surprises along the way not to mention the complete plot twist at the end.

The main character, Anna, definitely has her own issues and you find yourself very frustrated with the situation that she has put herself in and she continues to hurt her own case! Because of this, many have compared the novel to The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, which is actually referenced multiple times through The Woman in the Window. However, there is something about Anna that ensure you just can’t write her off!

But is The Woman in the Window the greatest mystery or suspense novel of all time?


Is it a good book to read with an interesting story and an intriguing plot?


I honestly enjoyed reading this book! It’s perfect for a long commute to work or when you’re stuck on an airplane for way too long or when you are sitting on a beach and need something that isn’t too heavy but will still keep your attention.

But give it a shot if you are looking for your next read!

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