New Release- The Other Woman


The Other Woman by Sandie Jones was released TODAY! Happy Publication Day!

Honestly, it’s the perfect time for this to be released. We’re on the tail end of summer and slowly creeping towards fall! The greatest season of seasons filled with cute pumpkins, caramel covered everything, and spooky bumps in the night. What’s better than a psychological thriller to get you in the mood for cooler weather and Halloween?!

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

The Other Woman follows Emily, a young woman who suddenly finds the man of her dreams. Adam seems to be everything she could ever want out of a partner and she falls for him quickly. Things are going great… until Emily meets Adam’s mother, who quickly becomes the bane of Emily’s existence. As Emily plans her future with Adam in it, she finds it more and more difficult to put up with his high-maintenance mother.


There are a lot of these thrillers going around. The ones that EVERYONE starts to talk about just as they’re released but you’re hesitant to read because you don’t want to be disappointed. We’ve all been there and I’m here to tell you that THIS ISN’T one of those.

I have to say this one actually surprised me! I’m usually pretty good at figuring out the ending, but I did not have this one put together in the least. I also don’t think an ending has surprised me this much in a long time.

Let’s talk about Adam’s creepy mother for a second though. She is the epitome of a NIGHTMARE MOTHER-IN-LAW. Truly, this part may have terrified me more than anything else in The Other Woman. I couldn’t deal with something like that so props to Emily for sticking it out for as long as she did!


If you’re looking for a relatively short suspenseful novel, check out The Other Woman. It will be perfect for getting you into the mood for darker and twistier novels as the seasons change.

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