Girl, Wash Your Face on Audio

Are you ready for a two-part review? If not, brace yourself because it’s about to happen!

Let’s talk about audio books first. I have never had anything against audio books but previously my only personal experience with them happened to be high school AP English classes in which I had to ‘read along’ with a cassette tape playing in the background. Let me tell you, that is definitely one of the most boring methods of reading a book ever. I get WHY teachers choose to incorporate audio books into lesson plans as some students definitely learn better reading and listening to the material but…

As EXPERT as I am at multi-tasking, I am in NO WAY capable of concentrating on someone talking to me while I am also trying to read. This is just not a skill I have become adept at, mostly because when I am reading I am also ‘talking’ to myself inside my head… and all that noise going on in my noggin gets super confused when I also have to listen to someone or if I’m trying to concentrate on something else.

But there is nothing WRONG with audio books. It does drive me a little crazy when someone says they “read” a book and what they really mean is that they “listened” to the book, but that is not because I think one method of absorbing a story is superior. I simply am frustrated that they are using the wrong verbs. I even did a little research and the majority of studies show that neither method is better for you than the other. They both have their own benefits!

After listening to some friends of mine always talking about their audio books, I decided to give them a REAL chance. I signed up for Audible and immediately began browsing the choices. I thought a good suspense novel would be perfect for an introduction to audio, but I was sorely disappointed. I swear there was an 80 year old dude reading the story and 10 second pauses in between EVERY sentence. I quickly became frustrated but I wanted to try something else. That’s when I saw that Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis was available as an audio book.

This may have been the greatest choice I have made all year! In regards to audio books, while I still haven’t decided if they are really for ME, I can tell you that listening to an author read their own story is AMAZING. You can generally get a sense of someones personality through their writing and if you’ve read Girl, Wash Your Face then you probably know Rachel Hollis isn’t holding anything back. But listening to her encouraging words and her embarrassing stories is such a different experience than reading them! I highly recommend giving audio books a shot!

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

But let’s talk about the actual book. I had heard so many positive things about this book that I honestly couldn’t resist it. I know that I personally enjoy ‘self help’ books but let me just set you straight now- this is NOT a self help book. This is a motivational, positive, high energy book that is encouraging you to be your best self.

I know, it sounds super corny. If you don’t want encouraging words or you are 100% okay with your life, this book may not be for you.

But I am no where near perfect and I wake up with anxiety and go to bed with anxiety. I am always worried about what other people think of me or if someone will judge me for something. I’ve wondered if I am “good enough” and I literally complained on my 26th birthday that I felt like I haven’t accomplished enough.

And Rachel Hollis wrote this book for me. For me and for every other person on this earth who feels the same way because I know that I am not the only one who gets so wrapped up in expectations that it could literally drive me mad.

In Girl, Wash Your Face you are presented with a lie that the author has at some point told herself. Some of these lies include “I am not good enough” or “Something else will make me happy.” Each chapter focuses on that lie and how she came to a realization that it was only hurting her. She may spill a hilarious yet embarrassing story in attempt to get her point across or she may give you a very serious and gut wrenching tale that will leave you with chills.   Then she tells you what helped her to stop telling herself that lie or how she developed new habits that were positive.

Truly, this book has something for everyone. I know people in their 70’s still terrified of what people think of them and I know parents who feel like they are not up to par with their peers. There are moms who feel guilty for wanting a career and women in relationships that they don’t realize are train wrecks. Every single one of the women above should read this. Even if you don’t fall into a category above, she talks about SO MANY things that you WILL find her talking about something that strikes a chord with you.

And the best part about this book is that it isn’t trying to sell you some miraculous ‘you’ll be perfect tomorrow if you just read this’ story. She truly is motivating you to take care of yourself and to invest in your own future. I felt empowered and inspired after reading her words and encouragement and I hope you will read this and find the same positive energy that I did. And I truly hope you will pass the encouragement along to others.

One thought on “Girl, Wash Your Face on Audio

  1. Great review!!! I read, or rather listened to(😉) this book after my best friend recommended it to me when I was going thru probably the worst depression I have ever experienced to date. I took so much from this book. I laughed and cried(thank goodness for tinted windows). I’m so glad you enjoyed it and hope you give more audiobooks a chance. I tend to stick to the memoirs read by the authors.


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