New Release! The Sisters Hemingway

I love book mail and I happened to receive this book in the mail from the publisher. It immediately caught my attention for a few reasons. The first being the character names. The Sisters Hemingway follows the story of 3 sisters named Martha, Hadley, and Pfeiffer. Of course, if you’re a Hemingway fan you know that these also happen to be the names of his wives. And if you’ve ever listened to our podcast, 3 Book Girls, or have read my blog, you’ve probably figured out by now that I idolize Martha Gellhorn. So of course, I could not resist reading this book.

But alas, The Sisters Hemingway has nothing to do with Hemingway or his wives. It is actually a story about 3 sisters who lost their mother and youngest sister in a tornado when they were teenagers. The story takes place well into their adult lives and each sister has their own prominent personality and they have all gone in completely separate directions over time. But the death of their aunt has brought them back home where they have to face each other as well as their own individual problems.

Written by Annie England Noblin, The Sisters Hemingway is a pleasant and fast-paced novel that focuses on family secrets and the bond of sisterhood. Noblin has brought her characters to life with unique personalities and situations and the novel has a unique ability to move from setting to setting without missing a beat.

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