NickNick’s Book Pick- The Life of Pi

Sometimes I have this weird habit of avoiding things that are being hyped. I honestly think it could be some sort of weird inner fear of disappointment. We’ve all had it happen, especially with books and especially in this day and age where information is constantly in our face. I remember hearing about this bookContinue reading “NickNick’s Book Pick- The Life of Pi”

NickNick’s NEW RELEASE Book Pick!

AHHHHHH… Amazon. Is there anything in the year of 2018 that is better than AMAZON! Instant gratification and shopping sprees contained to your desk. And Amazon First (previously known as Kindle First). What is that, you ask? Amazon First is a perk you automatically get if you are enrolled in a Prime account. EVERY month,Continue reading “NickNick’s NEW RELEASE Book Pick!”

NickNick’s First Book Pick!

Let me just tell you that I DEVOURED this book in all of its mystical and ethereal glory! Le Cirque des Rêves, which translates to The Circus of Dreams, is EXACTLY that.. A circus of your dreams! And while there are cute little animals in the book, this is in no way about tigers that jumpContinue reading “NickNick’s First Book Pick!”